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Rebranding Brazil: The Sustainable Country

by on April 23, 2012

When we think about a specific country we associate it with certain images which are daily imposed to us. Switzerland is perfect for skying in its amazing resorts in the Alps. In Egypt they have pyramids and great weather. These are just two simple examples of how countries are stereotyped by images they try to sell outside.

Brazil is no exception. The image of the country is commonly linked with Rio’s carnival, samba and football. Nonetheless the country is trying to add sustainable development to this list. (1) For instance, two years ago in the Shangai Expo, the Brazilian Pavillon was made by recyclable wooden material to demonstrate how committed the country regarding sustainability, as the following video demonstrates:

Plus, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, will be held in Rio de Janeiro in June this year and the first international Earth Summit was, also, in Rio in 1992. As an emerging economy starting to gain significant importance in world politics, it has invested more in his sustainable image. Adding sustainability to Brand Brazil it will highlight the country’s presence in world politics and benefit its promising energy industry[1]. Brazil receives 83 percent of its energy from hydroelectric power and it is a major producer of sugar and ethanol[2].

Branding Brazil as a sustainable country will only positively benefit the country since climate change is now one of the major transnational issues which is affecting people worldwide. In order to be a major player in the international scene, Brazil is realistically investing in the environment since no other great power has done real efforts regarding this issue. For this reason, Brazil would be the pioneer in the big table.

[2] Armijo, L. (2007) The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) as analytical category:  mirage or insight?. Asian Perspective, Vol. 31, No.4, p.21


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