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The Economic Aspect of Public Diplomacy

by on April 30, 2012

The Economic Aspect of Public Diplomacy.

Public Diplomacy is multifaceted, there are three faces of Public Diplomacy.The social  cultural, political or the economic aspect. International business and tourism promotion represent the economic face of public diplomacy. This is carried out through country teams 2011  Prime Minister Cameroon trip to  Asia accompanied by representative of business community form the basis of this new form of economic diplomacy. This team was with a mission to raise Britain international business profile as well as attracting more foreign visitors and investers.

This  process  accomodates all the countries aspects of diplomacy in all dimensions education, culture and immigration, thruogh this process it  foams a self perpetuating system that leads to attain the intended objective of the mission.this happend in a situation where foreign students may return as tourists or investors, or tourists may become future immigrants.

E,Potter in “Branding Canada” argue that “Public diplomacy should be seen as a process acrossseveralmtime frames;it should be understood with respect to the instruments empoloyed;and there should be some appreciation of the role played by a country’s own citizen with respect to the promotion of the national identity abroad. Potter 2009:43

However it should be noted that ,most importantly, promoting a countries economic advantage to international audiences raises its diplomatic advantage as a country whose views need to be heard on the world stage and this influence is  the ultimate goal of any country involved in inter governmental organisations  like G8,African Union, European Union and the United Nations.

However as Raston Saul argues his case for and against  country  branding for economic gain,he states that, a country’s image is more than formal representation of culture. he throws a caution that the challenge for  countries that wish to have an impact on the world today is to establish a solid image of them selves abroad.  he goes further to conclude his argument that  “That image is the platform on which a foreign policy, trade policy, cultural policy can be built at the international level” Potter,2009:276

Most countries have realised that it is becoming increasingly impossible to pursue diplomacy aimed at the political diamention,embassies are adjusting there missions to include diplomats responsible for trade promotion.Presently the economic aspects regarding trade and investment oppotunites are piriolities on the agenda of many foreign missions.

Potter concludes arguing that  any country persuing economic diplomacy should adjust its policy in a way that the economic components of the national brand –the degree of attractiveness for business and tourism-should be a focus of interest for all levels of governments. Since all these elements of national brand are inextricably intertwined and cannot be seen in separate silos.Potter,2009:276


1-      Wilson P. Dizard Jr,(2004) Inventing Public Diplomacy:The Story of the U.S Information Agency(Lynne Rienner Publisher)

 2-Evan H.Potter,(2009) Branding Canada:projecting canadas power through Public Diplomacy (McGill-Queen’s University Press)


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